You’re planning your wedding…

You’re engaged! The ring is sparkling on your finger, you have more Pinterest boards than you ever thought possible, and the date’s booked. What next? Well, if you’re not careful, what’s next is a whole heap of stress created by other people and wedding day hype. So, if you’d like to hold on to your sanity and the magic of the day, read on…

Let Go of Perfect.

Perfect is virtually impossible, unless you understand what perfect is. It’s not the most perfect day or the most perfect dress or the most perfect flowers. Someone will hate your perfect menu, someone will be allergic to your perfect bouquet. The weather never bothers about your photos, and given half a chance there’s always a guest who enjoys a good moan about your carefully, meticulously planned day. Trying to be perfect puts you under incredible strain – so accept that something might not go quite as you planned it. As the saying goes, if at the end of the day you are married to your true love, that’s perfect.

Don’t Get Sucked into Competitiveness

I see a lot of brides who are hoping for a quiet, relaxed, family-oriented day. Then someone says “so and so had a magician to entertain the kids at their wedding’… ‘She had this amazing flower wall, and a selfie mirror, and gifts for all the guests, and a free bar, and flip flops for everyone, and slippers, and…’ Soon you start to feel that you’ll be judged if you don’t have nicer flowers than anyone else, or if your dress is even vaguely like anyone else’s, or if you don’t pay for unlimited booze and children’s entertainment. You find yourself taking notes at friends’ weddings, scouring the Internet for the latest trends, and blowing your budget on owls to fly the rings to you during the ceremony. Let go of the worry of being judged – be true to what you actually want. And if that really is the ring-bearing owl, go for it.

Remember WHY

You said “yes” to being married, to promising yourself to this one, amazing, wonderful person. To celebrating your love and commitment in front of family and friends. To cementing your family life, and sharing that happiness with the people you love. You didn’t say yes to days filled with tears because your bridesmaids won’t agree on a dress, or to the upset caused by a jealous or disinterested friend. When it all threatens to overwhelm you, remember the WHY. And don’t let anyone take that from you.

The Chaos of Stars

Real Brides Create Trends

Social media is full of the latest trends, the latest fashion, and the ultimate must-haves. There’s lots of talk about Country Vintage, Boho Chic, Country House Elegance. Whether lace is in or out, if sleeves should be on or off the shoulders, and the perfect length of your train. Blogs love an on-trend bride, but how do you plan something for eighteen months away and know what the trends will be?? The truth is that real brides create trends, and designers and social media respond to that in their search for the next big thing. So release yourself from the restraints of being fashionable, and follow your own style – it will be amazing!