Filling the rails!! 

I’ve recently returned from a huge trade show in London, where amongst the glamour and excitement of pink champagne and fashion shows I actually had to do some serious work…

Trade Show Floor

The London Bridal Show, where comfy shoes and a clear head are essential. I was there to buy (yes, buy – sadly I’m not given free samples by my designers, lovely as that would be) the latest designs in wedding dresses and accessories for my shop. I’m well aware how easy it is to get carried away, there are so many gorgeous dresses and sparkling accessories and beautiful fabrics and ooooh, look at that over there… See what I mean? Concentrate Wedding Shop Lady, otherwise you’ll buy the wrong things. And when you need to buy a shop full of dresses, that can be a very expensive mistake.

Dress Detail

I had a shopping list, admittedly it said ‘buy beautiful dresses’ but I also needed some specific things-

Rose gold accessories, to compliment the beautiful shades of sand, mink, rose and café that are so popular with my brides. I found those, and oh they are soooo lovely!


A dress company who welcome design changes. You know when it’s the perfect dress, but if it just had sleeves it would be uber perfect? Or if you could change the fabric to a different one, or add a layer of sparkle, or just change the neckline?? Hooray, I found that company!!

Wedding dress

Inspiration, and a peek into the future. Oh, yes! The wonderful 70s inspired Boho look continues, flowing fabrics without fuss but very, very cleverly cut to flatter the body. Bared shoulders above a Bardot neckline and sleeves (gorgeous, trust me).  Also, a hint of gently flared shoulder frills (no, forget the 80s. Not like Diana’s dress, these are feminine and wearable and just rather gorgeous and on their way into the world of bridal. Big skirts. I mean, BIG skirts. Pleated into the waist, or cut to flare dramatically – these are not toilet roll dolly dresses but incredibly feminine statement gowns reminiscent of the New Look. And flowers, petals, roses, flower prints, petal embellishments. Did I mention flowers at all?? Very Much In.

Hard at work

So, when will all this arrive? Accessories, next week. New company dresses, this summer. Massive skirts – not quite yet, I’m going to need more rail space before I order those….