I need elastic walls…

With all these new dresses arriving I need space! This is why we have Gowns to Go, rails of beautiful dresses at beautiful prices ready to be snapped up and loved by beautiful brides. (Is that too much beauty? Never!) Some current samples from the very talented Mark Lesley design team are moving into Gowns to Go, so if you’re looking for on-trend styling maybe these will tempt you…

Gowns to Go Dress

The first dress is called Jacquetta. She’s a size 10/12 and full price is £1200. In Gowns to Go this sample is £600.

Gowns to Go - Jacquetta

The second dress is Julianna, size 12/14. She’s reduced from £1200 to £720.

Gowns to Go - Julianna

The third dress is Trianon, complete with the little bolero jacket. She’s size 12/14, reduced from £1170 to £500.

Gowns to Go - Trianon

Most of the dresses in Gowns to Go are between £300-£500, and we offer payment plans, storage, alterations service, a dress bag and steaming to remove any creases. (Alterations are an extra charge, as is insured storage, if you choose to use these services)