So, when should you start shopping for your wedding dress?

When should you start shopping? Ah, the sixty four thousand dollar question! I’m writing this on a cold, wet, grey afternoon in early February, and a quick peek at my diary shows appointments booked this week for brides with wedding dates this March, July, and November. There’s also brides with dates next February and September, and a very organised February 2019 bride. And a request from a keen to get going bride with a wedding date “hopefully in the summer of 2020”.

So, who’s on target, who’s early, and who’s left shopping perilously late? There are some things that you need in place before you can start shopping in earnest. You need to have your venue booked, or at least the date reserved.  Your budget needs addressing – how much realistically do you have available  to spend on your dress? And you need to ask yourself, if you find the most absolutely perfectly wonderful dress now, are you ready to buy it?

Shopping for a Wedding dress

Most brides choose to order their dress in, and this takes time. Generally we have to close the order books six months before the wedding, to allow time for the dress to arrive and any alterations to be done. Some dresses don’t take this long, but if your wedding is six to eighteen months away then this is the ideal shopping and ordering window.

Some brides would rather buy the dress they try, so this means you can shop anytime up till the day before the Big Day (yes, really, some brides do. It’s not ideal, obviously….)

But….. Wedding dresses are fashion led. The dresses on the rails are designed for weddings within the next 18-24 months – the designers know that brides generally like to buy early. But styles will change. Fashions will change, details will change, colours and embellishments will evolve and develop. So, for the 3 years away bride, its probably too soon. Come in and see us, ask to go on our lists for events and fayres and open days because you’re very welcome to join in the pre-wedding fun, but be patient a little while longer to choose your dress.

For February 2019, yes, there’ll be a few more collections you can wait for, but by all means start looking now. For all 2018 dates, absolutely – it’s only next year, that time will fly. And for brides with weddings this year, but no dress yet, don’t panic. Come in, make an appointment and let’s find you that dress!

Shopping for a Wedding dress