What to expect at your dress fitting appointment

You’ve had that exciting phone call to say your dress is now ready to be fitted, when can you come in? Here’s how to get the most out of your fitting appointments….

Fitting -  sewing with no chance of housework

Remember that dresses are not made to your measurements, that business with the tape measure was so that we could order you the dress size closest to your measurements .  Therefore, chances are it will need fine-tuning to perfect the fit and length. So, don’t panic if you put your dress on and it needs altering – after thirty years sewing wedding dresses we know our way round bodice seams and hems.

You’ll be asked to bring your wedding day shoes and wedding bra to your fittings, please remember them! We need the shoes you’ll be walking down the aisle in, we want to make sure that you can walk without having to look down at your hem or pick your skirts up. It’s also chance to practice walking in your heels, and opportunity to find out how comfy they are… Or aren’t…. Telling me that your heels are about ‘so high’ while vaguely demonstrating anything between 2 and 4 inches doesn’t work.

Bras. Oh, the difference a well fitted bra makes! Please, go to a decent lingerie boutique, get measured and fitted, and try the bra with your dress before you take the tags off (if of course the boutique has offered in advance to change the bra if it’s not right.) Don’t fall for the ‘your dress will hold your bra up’ line, the bra is to hold your assets up and won’t support you if it doesn’t fit. Strapless wedding dresses aren’t designed to support you if you are curvier than a C cup, you will need a bra in this instance. If your dress has a low back, an illusion neckline, or cut-away panels, it might help your bra fitter if you’ve taken a couple of pics of your dress and the measurements of the low neckline with you (ask us, we can sort this for you).

Slinky, bottom hugging or very lightweight skirts = skin tone knickers. It’s worth trying them at one fitting to make sure that they don’t show.

Your weight. If the diet hasn’t gone quite to plan, please tell us. If you are still dieting and will lose more weight before the wedding, please tell us. If you have health issues which can make you bloated, uncomfortable, or cause changes to your body shape, please tell us. If you’re unexpectedly going to need a maternity fit, please tell us…

Fitting - the tools of the trade

So, you’ve got your bra and shoes, what next? Your first fitting tends to involve a lot of pinning, and a lot of measuring. We’ll need you to stand still for several minutes while we pin your hem layers, we’ll need you to walk so we can see how the skirts move. We might need to pin bust darts, side seam adjustments, tweaks to details – it’s quite boring for onlookers so consider leaving the little ones at home. By all means, bring who ever will be helping to dress you on the day, so that we can show them the fastenings and how to work the bustle – very often this is best at your final fitting, but you’re welcome to bring somoene with you IF YOU WANT THEM TO BE THERE. If you don’t want to bring the whole world with you, don’t. Fittings are all about making the dress right for the bride, making sure that the bride can walk and sit and breathe…. It’s most definitely not for endless discussion about how the bridesmaids should style their hair. It’s bride time.

If you want to try accessories at your fitting, please let us know in advance so that we can book you enough time.

You will probably need three fittings spaced over six to eight weeks, depending on what you need, so please bring your diary. No spray tans, no heavy make up – these will mark your dress. Wear your wedding perfume or none at all, scent will get trapped in the fabric and released by body heat on the day. Wear deodorant, if it helps you to feel fresher by all means bring some baby wipes and deodorant with you for a quick pit-stop before you put your dress on. Watch your jewellery, claw settings on rings can snag fabric as can watches and bracelets.

And please, attend your fittings, or let me know so that we can reschedule for you…
Fitting - and adding more buttons